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SPREAD’s platform goes beyond visualizing product data - it connects every person along the product lifecycle through engineering intelligence networks.

Mastering complexity in the product lifecycle
Let’s take the automotive industry as an example: Cars today are among the most extraordinary and complex products. It takes around 10,000 highly specialized experts to get a vehicle from concept to consumer.

Aligning the work of 10,000 engineers requires sharing and accessing lots of technical engineering knowledge

of working time is spent by engineers in coordination meetings or searching for information

Manual knowledge transfer in large organizations means information can get lost or stuck in product silos

ratio of insights generated to insights applied along the product lifecycle

Knowledge gaps lead to wasted resources, slower development cycles, and a higher likelihood of errors

more cars were recalled than sold between 2011 and 2020

SPREAD Explained

SPREAD’s platform connects and digitalizes engineering knowledge across the product lifecycle. Our engineering applications target domain-specific needs, like finding the ideal specification of the wiring harness in R&D, virtual error localization and diagnostics in Production, or accessing automated repair sequences with 3D animations in Aftersales.

SPREAD Solution

01 Access holistic engineering knowledge on demand

SPREAD’s platform gives mechanical, electrical, and software engineers access to a comprehensive and visual knowledge network in an intuitive web interface. Teams can spend less time on knowledge transfer and focus more time on actual engineering tasks.

02 Accelerate product maturity with intelligent insights

Our platform understands complex systems at the micro and macro levels in order to help engineers validate their designs directly on the virtual model. Products reach maturity much faster, eliminating change requests and accelerating development cycles.

03 Reduce waste across the product lifecycle

SPREAD automatically classifies parts and offers intelligent suggestions on how to optimize the usage of materials. These insights are helping customers reduce duplicate parts, material costs, and their carbon footprint.


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