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What we do

Our software assists engineers in creating and maintaining complex products by understanding 3D data like engineers do, to enable increased efficiency and sustainability.

Products are complex - engineers face three main challenges associated with this complexity

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Increase flexibility and efficiency of product creation process

of working time is spent by engineers in coordination meetings
02 / 03

Immense human experience and know-how need to be preserved.

working time is spent by engineers searching for product Information
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Improving cross-departmental product understanding.

ratio between data creator and data consumer of product information
SPREAD Solution

01 Upload your CAD product data and explore

SPREAD can process and analyze both native and exchange CAD formats and lets you explore your product data of any size on any device in 3D

02 Use intelligent analyses to gain insights and enrich them

SPREAD understands physical and mechanical principles and uses those to provide you with intelligent analyses of your product data and lets you enrich them with further information

03 Access pre-built apps for your engineering challenges

SPREAD utilizes its proprietary information model of each product to provide you with pre-built apps that support your engineering challenges along your product lifecycle.

After Sales
Our customers

Trusted by the companies building the most complex and amazing products

Providing easy access to intelligent CAD analytics for Porsche's After Sales department.

Supporting Mercedes Benz in assuring quality for its flagship models.

Being part of Mercedes Benz's cross-functional digitization strategy.

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Our Advisors, Investors and Partners

We are backed by a network of world-renown investors and advisors and are connected through a broad partner network.

Advisors & Angels
  • Charles Songhurst

    Charles Songhurst is an advisor and angel investor to SPREAD. He is a world-renown technology investor and was previously General Manager of Strategy at Microsoft and focused on partnering and M&As.
    He was involved in the Yahoo Acquisition and commercial deal, and the Skype acquisition. Before running Corporate Strategy, Charles was focused on the emergence of Google and the growth of the search industry.

  • Cavalry Ventures

    Cavalry is a Berlin-based Venture Capital fund that invests in companies on their path forward to effect positive change.

  • La Famiglia VC

    La Famiglia is a Venture Capital fund backed by a family of successful digital entrepreneurs, business angels, family businesses and industry leaders who nurture great founders through networks, unfair advantages & capital.