About us

by engineers,
for engineers


Exponential growth of the world’s engineering intelligence


To make the human-engineered world sustainable by empowering every person along the product lifecycle with Engineering intelligence networks.
Starting with the automotive industry.

At SPREAD, we’re engineers at heart

We firmly believe that a sustainable future requires bold engineering innovation.

We’re here to empower every person along a product’s lifecycle with holistic engineering insights to maximize their innovation potential and create more innovative and more sustainable products.


A team motivated by creating solutions to big challenges


Our founders are engineers and veterans of the automotive industry. They met while working for a leading automotive IT consultancy, where they specialized in understanding the underlying challenges within automotive manufacturing and engineering. While working closely with OEMs, they identified that complexity- and knowledge management was taking up around 70% of engineering resources, which leads to a massive loss of potential and revenue.

Smart people need smarter tools. And smarter products require smarter ways for engineers to share their knowledge and interact with each other. And so, SPREAD was born.

Our founders came up with a solution that combines in-depth product insights, intuitive knowledge sharing, and engineering logic with 3D visualization and machine learning. With SPREAD’s Augmented Engineering platform, every stakeholder across the product lifecycle can access and leverage end-to-end engineering insights between silos. That’s how our company got its name – we’re here to SPREAD engineering intelligence.


We’re building something bigger than ourselves

Our Team

Our team is motivated by big challenges that deliver great value. Together, we are building a solution that not only is technically innovative and profit-maximizing, but also helps our customers reduce CO2 emissions and material waste. Our team makes it happen.

SPREAD is a diverse and inclusive team that is relentless in accelerating innovative solutions. We strive to create a culture where we learn and develop from each other every day, work to build something bigger than ourselves, and make our vision a tangible reality.

Our Advisors, Investors and Partners

Not only does our product and tech set us apart, but so does the people who choose to partner with us on this journey. We are backed by a network of world-renown investors and advisors and are connected through a broad partner network.

Advisors, Angels & Investors
  • Charles Songhurst

    Charles Songhurst is a founding partner of Katana Capital, a long-short equity hedge fund. He also runs the Songhurst Group, which holds assets in a variety of private companies.

  • Sebastian Borek

    Sebastian is a serial entrepreneur with a continuous track record of discovering market opportunities and defining successful business propositions. He co-founded Founder’s Foundation and spearheads its flagship Hinterland of Things conference in Bielefeld.

  • Dr. Till Reuter

    Dr Till Reuter is Chairman of the Supervisory Board Theo Mueller Group of Companies S.e.c.s. and the former CEO of KUKA AG.

  • Cavalry Ventures

    Cavalry is a Berlin-based Venture Capital fund that invests in companies on their path forward to effect positive change.

  • La Famiglia VC

    La Famiglia – a loyal family of entrepreneurs, business angels, family businesses, conglomerates and industry leaders who invest smart capital alongside with their experience, networks and skills.