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with a different


Be THE product intelligence platform for every product


Empower companies to leverage their engineering knowledge for the overall business to work more efficiently and create more sustainable products.

Our Purpose

Product creation of the future

Enabling a production process in which robots know how to assemble products based on their CAD models.

Enabling immediate buildability and repairability checks when creating a product.

Enabling the design of specific products based on their intended functionality.

More sustainable products

Enabling more sustainable products through automated repairability checks when designing a product.

Driving the circular economy through the enablement of everyone to repair different products.

Intelligent products

Products have a deep understanding of themselves and optimize their operation continuously.

Products tell repair shops what's wrong with them and how to resolve it, due to their understanding of how to maintain and repair themselves.

Our Technology

Less artificial, more intelligent

SPREAD acquires engineering knowledge, insight, and understanding the same way humans do – which is through evidence, experience, context and grounded reasoning.

Thereby, we uncover the specific engineering patterns for each individual product and enable computers to reason and apply logic the same way engineers do.

CAD as abstraction of engineering know-how

CAD models of individual products carry loads of context, evidence and experience as engineers design them based on a set of specific engineering patterns. By choosing the right model representation, we enable highly performant computing.

SPREAD abstracts that information and builds a digital twin for each individual product to create our unique and proprietary information model.

Who we are

World-class team of engineers and industry experts that challenges the impossible


Embracing diversity

Moving fast for amazing outcomes

Obsessed with our client's success

About us

We are driven by the hardest challenges engineers are facing when creating and maintaining the most complex and amazing products in this world.

We spend a lot of time together with those engineers to understand their challenges and derive paths towards more efficient and sustainable product creation.

Based on that, we created SPREAD, with the aim to create tangible value for engineers throughout the product lifecycle and the virtue to enable more sustainable products.

Founder Team

If you got excited about what we do and would like to join our journey - We are constantly looking for world-class engineers, industry experts and business leaders.

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