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Engineering the Future

Sustainability is considered to be a 'wicked problem'.

Wicked problems encompass highly complex and interconnected issues, for example resource scarcity or climate change, that cannot be overcome through traditional solutions. When we look at the extreme complexity involved in such challenges, we understand that our approach to a solution needs to be collaboratively manageable for a secure future. The solution we are building can help us get there, together.

Our community of engineers and experts is working toward the same goal: to make the human-engineered world more sustainable by empowering engineers with product insights in order to create bold engineering innovations


What does “engineers at heart” mean?

We are solution-oriented by nature

We are motivated by solving problems, from even the most basic of tasks to some of the most impactful issues of our time. We are not satisfied with “that’s just the way it's done”. We are always curious about understanding how things work, and how to make them better!

We embody this every day through our culture & values.


Building a dream team

Engineering the solutions of tomorrow

Here at SPREAD, we make people and building long-term relationships our priority. This means we put a premium on building a dream team of extraordinary individuals, which are exceptional in what they do and who are highly effective collaborators.

Located in the heart of Berlin’s Kreuzberg neighborhood, we are a small but eclectic group of talented individuals from over 20 nationalities and professional backgrounds. We see each other’s knowledge and experience as valuable resources to learn and develop from every day.

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